Chayilcorp products, services and corporate image are more attractive than those of other companies according to customers and employees, as well as other entities. We create content that is not offered by others and for which people are prepared to pay more. We provide the most fruitful solutions for advertisers. Chayilcorp employees create true added value through their work.

Chayilcorp provides its employees with the most interesting work environment, tasks and opportunities for development as well as the best tools for communication as it continues to become more digitised. Chayilcorp employees work responsibly in their tasks, which strengthens the good reputation of the Group.



Chayilcorp is the most exciting provider of information, service and experiences. The company sets the stage for the future of media.

The vision provides the direction for the development of all products and services provided by the corporation.



Chayilcorp’s news media work to promote democracy, free speech, reliable dissemination of information and the wellbeing of its reference groups. Chayilcorp’s digital consumer and business services as well as marketplaces bring together buyers and sellers of products and services and enable a sense of communality.